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October 2009 ~ CTCPA

Date Submitted: October 1, 2009 - 26-bronze.jpg


Ann Edall-Robson worked as a volunteer at the first CTCPA National Finals. From that year on, she participated in some capacity every year at the Finals. In 2000, Ann agreed to take the position of Show Secretary and the following year the job of Office Manager for the CTCPA was offered to her and she accepted that as well. To pursue her DAKATAMA dreams, Ann resigned as Office Manager in 2007 and Show Secretary the following year. In appreciation of thirteen years with the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association, Ann was presented with a Bronze at the 2008 National Finals. With the decision to have DAKATAMA sponsor the Century and a Half Class in 2009, her presence continued to be felt at the CTCPA Finals.